About us

Tim Pearson has a long and wide experience of both evangelism and leadership positions. Tim asked Jesus into is life in 1984. Shortly after this he established his own business in East Grinstead, where he joined a local Church and became a worship leader. Tim`s previous background was as a professional musician.

In 1999 Tim founded his own Internet charity theway.co.uk. This is an evangelistic site to share the Gospel to a UK but also a much wider audience. Tim started the RBC Gospel choir which sings in many different venues, including local Prisons. Along with this Tim joined the Gideons which enabled him to provide Bibles to the Prisoners, but also to evangelise local Schools, Hotels and businesses.

Tim has led many people to the Lord over the years, along with discipleship so that people can reach their full potential in Christ.

Tope Pearson qualified as an accountant and delivered training in financial inclusion for many years. She is now a commissioned Itinerant Preacher, Patron of The Precious Foundation and a published author. In her maiden name (Teniola) she has written books relating to her faith, which you can find on her website youfitperfectly.co.uk

Tope has coordinated Healing on the Streets ministry for over 12 Edgware District Churches and sat on the Church Council as a Trustee for Emmanuel Evangelical Church in Westminster, London. Tope graduated from New Life Bible School in 2009 and has over 20 years experience of soul winning, baptising, discipling new converts and sending out mature believers.