The aim and objectives of these sessions are to encourage and equip our brothers and sisters in Christ to take hold of the Great Commission and to make disciples of all Nations. This means taking hold of the power and authority that the Lord has given us, to be real disciples, to go out into all the world, preach the Good News, heal the sick and cast out demons. (Mark 16 v 15)

Session 1: You Fit Perfectly

This is a foundational session, as we need to have a firm understanding of our relationship with God, before we move on to the ministry of discipleship or evangelism. This session is based on Tope Pearson`s book “You Fit Perfectly”. After praise, worship and prayer, we will look at our Christian journey and whether any abuse, loss, rejection, forgiveness or other barriers could block our relationship with God and the Holy Spirit moving freely in our lives. We will seek healing of any unresolved issues, reflect, share and move into how we fit perfectly into Gods plan for our lives. There will be personal testimonies, time for individual ministry and end with a review, prayer and some homework”.

Session 2: Who we are in Christ

Starting with worship and praise and prayer, we will look at what is stopping us from being the chosen instrument of Christ. There will be activities on the different levels of faith and how Satan can stop us from moving into a deeper relationship with Jesus. We will affirm who we are in Christ Jesus, taken from Neil Anderson book -Victory over Darkness, looking at how we can move up a level in faith, work our 1 minute story with role play. Lots of prayer and group discussions, sharing our faith and how we can take control over any battles in our minds. Videos and information reminders will be supplied and help participants practice how to share their story including role play ending in payer and some more homework!

Session 3: Spiritual Giftings

Intro and recap on last session, with Praise, worship and soaking session, moving into how to hear from with God. We will then moving into a session of spiritual gifting’s with group sessions. Words of Knowledge session follows with group discussion and application. We will then look at market place opportunities to share our faith, with a sketch, role plays, do`s and don’ts. Get participants to share their verses, and then share their stories, to build their confidence and faith. We will then recap on the main gifting’s of the Holy Spirit, bringing out prophetic words, pictures, how to pray for people, along with giving out tracks and tolls to help start a conversation. There will a session on how to handle objections, with group role plays and sharing our stories. Ending in pray and praise with some more homework!

Session 4:  The Great Commission (Part 1) – Evangelism

This will be a full day including lunch. The morning session will start with praise and worship, along with prayer. We will recap on the last three sessions, teach the Four Point Gospel using the Bridge illustration, equip with tools to enable them to look for opportunities, open up a conversation about their faith and look at what reactions to expect from people when they share their story.

There will be sufficient role play within groups to bolster their confidence and faith especially to prepare them to handle objection, knowing we face challenges and battles when we go out but the Lord will go before us.
We will then have Holy Communion by breaking bread and wine together before having lunch.
After lunch we will go onto the streets with the participants to share the Gospel and put into practice all the sessions. After this, we will regroup to share our experiences and to give praise to God for all He has done through us.