At ETS we do things differently!

We have found that unless people own their story and understand how uniquely placed, they are in their community, no matter how good the teaching is, this will fade as soon as we go. Therefore, we talk through some key areas and ask the participants to take ownership and act this out in the sessions. We share and then they do!

As a result, each participant, really owns each section of the course and therefore is fully equipped to both share the Gospel, but also how to disciple new converts.

Before each session, we will have a short intro of what we going to do, followed by worship and prayer. A brief summery of each session is below, but a full breakdown, can be emailed to interested parties.

 Session 1: You Fit Perfectly

This is a foundational session, as we need to have a firm understanding of our relationship with God

Session 2: Who we are in Christ

Understanding our Legacy in Jesus, work our 1-minute story with role play. prayer and group discussions

Session 3: Spiritual Giftings

Looking at our Holy Spirit giftings, bringing out prophetic words, pictures, how to pray for people

Session 4: The Great Commission – Evangelism

Teach the 4 point Gospel using the Bridge illustration, then out on the streets to share the Good News!

Session 5: Making Disciples – full day session

This is a vital part of our Ministry as Jesus did not say go and make converts, but disciples! Therefore, if you have opted for the personal training courses, we would suggest contacting your Church Leadership team to encourage them to embrace the training you have received, so that you and your Church are able to embrace the power and authority to be change makers in our World today.

1.      Introduction to Discipleship                                                  
2.      Facilitator’s Discipleship Notes and Guidance
3.      Seeking God
4.      Jesus the only Way
5.      The Word
6.      Sin
7.      The Cross
8.      Repentance
9.      Forgiveness
10.  The Church
11.  Water Baptism
12.  Holy Spirit Baptism
13.  Counting the Cost
14.  Discipleship
15.  Fasting (Self Control)
16.  Tithes and Offering
17.  Disputable Matters
18.  The 7 Spiritual Questions and Their Answers