Here are a few comments from our team and candidates


Firstly my thanks to Tim and Tope for asking me to be on the prayer ministry team for ETS [Equipping The Saints].

The first session was about getting ourselves right with God, getting rid of stuff in our thoughts and lives that is not pleasing to God. As we prayed for people we witnessed them being released as Gods Holy spirit was working in them, it was a very powerful evening and a real joy to see people praising the Lord for what was happening in their lives.

 For me I felt a real joy in my heart just confirming who I am in Christ. We were given a list with lots of verses on like, John 1 v12 I am Gods child, Ephesians 1 3-8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as his child. There were many more verses like these that have been good to just read through each day so that it sinks in who we are in Christ.

The whole course was very well put together and you could tell and see the anointing of God was in it. I found it a very helpful course to do and learnt a lot more about how we can witness more to unbelievers and to share our testimonies. Thank you again Tim and Tope for putting so much of your time and passion into this course


I attended an Equipping the Saints course and am pleased to submit a review. Growing up in Streatham, South London, I was sent to a local Baptist Church Sunday School on a Sunday afternoon whilst singing in the Anglican Church choir in the morning and evening as a boy chorister for 5 years until my voice broke, so I was well “churched”.  I did not become a Christian until my late teens. Whilst being quite outgoing, I have never found talking about my faith a major challenge, spending my early twenties discoing and socialising with my City banking colleagues with a glass of orange juice in my hand as I am a tee-total. This I have found to be a guaranteed conversation opener about my faith.

The Equipping the Saints course was an excellent experience, underpinning some of the principles for witnessing effectively, and renewed my vigour to be more pro-active in sharing the gospel with others. The course facilitators were passionate about the need to witness and used innovative and inspiring methods during the course to explore potential barriers to effective encounters with family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues, and their enthusiasm was truly inspiring and motivational. I would highly recommend anyone to enrol on this course.


My husband is a born evangelist – I am not. I always struggle to understand how it comes so naturally to him when I feel evangelism is so difficult and therefore decided to attend the ETS course. The course laid out the foundations of faith, encouraged me to dive deeper in my relationship with the Lord and helped me to practice evangelism in a way that felt natural to me. With the mix of teaching, worship and prayer time, I grew in my confidence in sharing the gospel and in understanding my spiritual gifts. I recommend this course for anyone wishing to respond to the call to go out in the world and make disciples!


When I attended the ETS course, the sweet, gentle presence of Holy Spirit among us was tangible throughout. As we soaked in His presence during worship, prayers, small group discussions and the teaching, He communed softly with us.

This short, comprehensive course equipped us with the confidence, encouragement and tools needed to embark on the next step of sharing our faith. It was fun too! I am excited and expectant to see take the next step.